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Top 9 YouTube SEO Tool

YouTube SEO Tool

Video is the most prominent performing content type on all social platforms. If you’re planning to use video in your digital marketing strategy, you should consider YouTube and building a YouTube presence.
YouTube marketing is worth the effort.
But if you want to increase your YouTube performance, you need to make sure that your videos align with those search keywords, and are ‘searchable’ when users go looking for related video.

For that, you’ll need some tools. Here are some apps and tips that will help you optimize your YouTube videos.

Top 9 YouTube SEO Tool

1. Google Trends

Nothing helps YouTube optimization as much as the audience’s interest in the topics you cover. ‘YouTube-able’ content appears in all shapes and sizes – the trick is to find yours.
Start searching on Google Trends. To find your focus topic, specify ‘YouTube Search’, then pick a geographic region, category, and period at which to determine the results.
You can use this a further by adding a topic to match your focus keyword To know how they compare against each other.

Google Trends also advises a list of related queries for each topic, as well as maps which highlight public interest over regions.
Pricing: Free

2. Get keyword ideas from Google Ads.

Being a content creator, I understand the importance of keyword if the content is king then the keyword is the queen. Still, it takes time to find out perfect keywords but finding an ideal keyword is the best investment you make creating and planning your youtube strategies.
And if we are getting it for free, then its an icing on the cake,
let’s focus on Google Ads’ Keyword Planner. With a topic, you can do basic keyword research to identify out search terms and queries with the highest search volume.
Keyword Planner gets several keyword ideas based on your keyword/phrase, search settings and filters defined. You can also go further and look at the average monthly search volume and competition to find out the perfect fits. You can then download your keyword list in one click, with all metrics included.
Pricing: Free

3. Rank Tracker

For advance keyword research, you can try an analysis tool such as Rank Tracker.
Rank Tracker lets you pick keyword ideas from YouTube’s recommendations, and highlights important metrics, such as search volume, expected visits, competition, etc.
You can also use Rank Tracker to do a quick ranking check, and generate the keywords that produce video results in featured snippets. Take note of the keywords with the most search volume – those benefit your rank in organic search.

4. TubeBuddy

Optimizing your video is as necessary as optimizing the content of your website – only that there’s no time to waste for YouTube SEO.
You need to optimize your video as soon as it goes live because you only have 48 hours once you miss that then, algorithm marks your content as less time it’s very hard to make a comeback. In youtube, initial 48 hours is essential to reach the audience.

TubeBuddy, a browser extension which helps channel maintenance, and gives an assisting hand with stuff like titles, descriptions, tags, notes, cards and more.

Once add into YouTube, the tool will give you important insights on all the YouTube videos that you open. Increase your organic reach by getting any videos’ tags, and save much time you’d spend searching for the best fits.

TubeBuddy also gives optimization advice and suggestions for increasing your channel’s growth.

5. VidIQ

VidIQ is also a channel management toolkit which works as a browser extension, show important stats for all the YouTube videos you open that means easy opponent research and excellent analytics for every video you can find

Set up email alerts to know trending topics in your field And for improved outreach, you can use the ‘Facebook Syndication’ feature, and share your video directly across platforms.

6. YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is necessary if you want to make the most out of your YouTube channel. By evaluating the achievements and failures of your videos, you can zero in on possibilities to give something valuable to your subscribers and keep them with engaging content.

How to use YouTube analytics

  • Log into YouTube account.
  • Click the profile icon, then Creator Studio, then to the cogwheel icon.
  • This will take you to the Creator Studio dashboard; you can see basic analytics on the screen.
  • There is a menu on the left of this panel Click Analytics to navigate to the main YouTube analytics dashboard.

7. Awario

Audience engagement with the video continues the number one ranking factor on YouTube. Therefore, always updating about what kind of buzz that encompasses your YouTube content – on the platform.

With a social monitoring tool like Awario, getting mentions of your video and keywords is made simple you just enter video’s URL to set up an alert and collect linkless mentions that are already a ranking signal for Google.

Also, You can try a Boolean search for more specific data, Add particular search operators, join groups of keywords, use language or country filters Awario has you covered.

8. Canva

Channel graphics designs may not be the first thing in your mind when planning your YouTube optimization plan. But, in a world of tools like Canva, being creative is easier.

Canva is a graphic design application, is help you show your inner designer, by all kinds of visuals. Expressing your artistic self is part of your YouTube SEO efforts, you can be create channel graphics and thumbnails to improve your click-through rates.

You can create from scratch or browse in the categories and select any of the templates the app has for you: Canva’s drag-and-drop interface lets you use experts designed layouts to more customize them, creating unique and compelling visuals, and re-inventing your channel’s appearances.

9. Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs has created some very cool tools for YouTube content creators; some of these really helpful to marketers. The YouTube dashboard, though, it does give some very interesting insights which TubeBuddy and video don’t offer
Assume being able to look at your YouTube audience, and see who your top engagers are, what kind of videos they’ve engaged with, and be able to revisit their YouTube pages. It’s possible with Tubular.

With the facility to check on your frequent engagers, you will get to know your audience in a better way. You can see what they’re interested in, build a relationship, now you have the information.

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