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Rankmath Plugin Features

SEO is the most compatible source of traffic for any website. Rank Math, a WordPress SEO plugin, help all website owner access the SEO tools they need to increase their SEO and drive more traffic to their website. Here i explained all Rankmath Plugin Features in detailed.

Rank math has intelligent features that bring top SEO capabilities in your hands that were before out of reach. The smart automation features give you the ability of a complete SEO team with few clicks. A well-thought-out design, great features, and years of development make Rank Math a game-changing SEO plugin.

Some Rankmath Plugin Features which are exclusive to Rank Math SEO plugin

Setup Wizard

Rank Math configures itself. Rank Math features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that sets up SEO for WordPress quickly.

Google Schema Markup

Configuring Google Schema Markup, is simple now, all because of Rank Math. rank math support for 15+ types of Schema Markups and the Rating Schema, you can optimize your posts quickly. It also covers the FAQ Schema and the How-To.

Optimize Unlimited Keywords

Unlike other plugins, Rank Math allows you to optimize your posts for extensive focus keywords per post; by default, it’s five. But You can Increase by adding filter.

Google Search Console Integration

Rank Math saves your time by integrating with Google Search Console and showing essential data about your website inside WordPress.

Google Keyword Ranking

By Rank Math SEO Plugin, you’re able to track your focus keyword rankings in the Google search engine.

Optimal Settings Pre-Selected

Configuring an SEO plugin takes lots of time, and sometimes it’s confusing too. Rank Math saves your struggle with its default settings, which are perfect for most websites, and if you need it, it can be changed.

Add Overlay Icons On Social Images

Rank Math does social thumbnails click magnets by providing you the option of overlaying a GIF or a video icon on the thumbnail.

Advanced SEO Analysis Tool

With just a few clicks, Rank Math can do an SEO audit of your website.

30 Detailed SEO Tests

Rank Math created to effectively supercharge your website’s SEO with its 30 detailed SEO tests. You need a Free account.

Module Based System

Rank Math has designed with a module-based system. You can also enable or disable according to your requirements; these modules give you extra speed and control.

Smart Redirection Manager

Rank Math has a built-in smart redirection handler that will help you create, manage, delete, enable, or disable redirects.

SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs

Rank Math can show SEO optimized Breadcrumbs on every website, even if the theme does not support coding.

Local Business SEO

Rank Math designed for Global websites and local websites. With its local SEO features, local sites can reach out to the SERPs and drive more traffic with these features.

404 Monitor

Rank Math has a 404 error monitor that can find and resolve 404 errors for better user experience.

Wide Content Analysis Tests

On-Page SEO is not a mystery with Rank Math’s content analysis and specific SEO recommendations.

Multisite Ready

If you are operating a single WordPress website or a network of sites, Rank Math completely supports the WordPress Multiuser project.

Role Manager

If you have many employees manage your website, you can correctly control what any of them has to access in Rank Math by its role manager features.

Internal Linking Suggestions

Rank Math effectively suggests extra posts from your website for internal linking from your current posts. This will increase the chances of ranking higher in the SERPs.

Google Keyword Suggestion

When you choose focus keywords, Rank Math will help you find more keywords by automatic keyword suggestions from Google.

XML Sitemap

The Rank Math plugin has a fast-loading Sitemap feature that runs with various post types, also with the custom post, and provides deep controlling, also generates a Locations KML file via filter for Local Sitemap, & a WooCommerce Sitemap.

Image SEO

With Rank Math’s complete solution to add ALT & Title tags, optimize images, also to give inside content. Also, it is free of cost.

New SEO Analyzer

Rank Math’s built-in SEO analysis will provide you SEO recommendations that you’d usually spend hundreds of dollars to make.

What Is Remarketing?

Rank Math’s built-in SEO analysis will provide you SEO recommendations that you’d usually spend hundreds of dollars to make.



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