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360 SEO Agency Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (Terms) apply to all Agreements entered into with 360 SEO Agency. The “Services” include, but are not limited to digital strategy, web development and hosting, online advertising services, email marketing, and social media services. These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this website, including the purchase of Services.

By using 360 SEO Agency Services, you agree to be legally bound and to abide by the Terms, just as if you had signed this Agreement. In these Terms, “we”, “us” and “our” refers to 360 SEO Agency, and “you” or “your”, means the person(s) entering into this Agreement and includes his agents or permitted assigns.

“Agreement” means your agreement with us and includes these terms and conditions.

1. Terms

1.1 You agree and continue to agree to use the Services in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations in accordance with these terms.

1.2 These Terms and all quotations and variations are incorporated into and are part of any Agreement with 360 SEO Agency signed by you.

2. Minimum term, termination and service renewal

2.1 You agree to the Minimum Term specified in the 360 SEO Agency Agreement (Minimum Term). You authorise us to deduct the initial payment and monthly payments during the Minimum Term and any renewed term, subject to the Agreement and these Terms.

2.2 Your campaign will automatically renew on a monthly basis after the Minimum Term, unless written notice of intent to cancel is received within 60 business days of the Minimum Term expiry, after which, a period of 60 business days cancellation notice is required prior to each monthly renewal date.

2.3 If you terminate your use of the Services prior to the completion of the Minimum Term, you must pay the Cancellation Fee within 5 business days. The Cancellation Fee is the sum of the remaining monthly payments agreed to in the Minimum Term.

2.4 You must comply with these Terms at all times in your use of the Services. You will not engage in any conduct, which in the discretion of 360 SEO Agency, restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the Services. You agree to use the Services only for lawful purposes. You are prohibited from posting on or transmitting through the Services any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including, but not limited to, any material which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law.

2.5 360 SEO Agency may elect to electronically monitor the Services for adherence to these Terms and may disclose to the extent permitted by law any content, records or electronic communication of any kind (i) to satisfy any law, regulation or authorized governmental request, (ii) if such disclosure is necessary to operate the Services, or (iii) to protect the rights or property of 360 SEO Agency or its partners.

2.6 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to prohibit conduct, communication or content which it deems in its discretion to be harmful to individual users or other third-party rights, or to violate any applicable law.

2.7 If you do not comply with these Terms, 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to terminate your use of the Services at any time. If we terminate the Agreement with you under this clause, you must pay the cancellation fee within 5 business days.


3a. Search engine marketing and paid advertising services

3A.1 360 SEO Agency will setup online advertising campaigns and deliver paid traffic to your website. If paid traffic cannot be delivered to the website in question, due to the editorial policies of search engines and publishers regarding the acceptance of advertiser web properties, then the client will be notified of the situation in writing. 360 SEO Agency is not to be held liable in this situation.

3A.2 Costs associated with media and clicks generated from running this service, may be charged directly by search engines and publishers. You authorise 360 SEO Agency to provide your credit card details to the third party platforms for this purpose. The fees will appear as separate charges on your credit card statement.

3A.3 You agree that we are not responsible or liable for any incorrect payments charged to you by third party platforms. You agree that you will communicate directly with the relevant platform should any incorrect charges be made on your credit card or to your bank account by third party platforms.

3A.4 All accounts initially set up by 360 SEO Agency are the property of 360 SEO Agency and will not be provided to the client upon cancellation of their service.

3A.5 You must comply with search engine guidelines for Campaigns, which can be found at as well as

3b. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

3B.1 360 SEO Agency will undertake the optimisation of your website, as per best practice techniques used in the industry.

3B.2 You agree and understand that SEO does not provide any guaranteed results, as 360 SEO Agency does not control the algorithms of search engines, and that results can vary based on your website history, industry and many more factors.

3B.3 You agree and release us and any employee, owner, or director of 360 SEO Agency, from being liable for any damages, cost, or loss of business due to any incidents and/or issues relating to any search engine’s actions.

3c. Website development

3C.1 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to process final invoicing on the completion of the website design and development services as per your agreement with 360 SEO Agency.

3C.2 If a client discontinues the development of a website at any stage prior to completion, they are responsible for any fees associated in the completion of the website.

3C.3 An approximate timing schedule is provided at the time of the agreement. Failure to provide content or other items within the specified time will delay the setup of the website.

3C.4 Clients will be given Editor CMS access that allows them to upload any content and products themselves.

3d. Website management and upload of content

3D.1 Customers who provide 360 SEO Agency access to make changes to their website, do so with the understanding that 360 SEO Agency is not liable for any errors which may occur in these updates. Although full care is taken when making such website changes, customers are expected to have a regular backup system in place and by signing the Agreement with us you warrant that you have a regular and secure back up system in place.


4.1 You expressly and irrevocably agree that we reserve the right to suspend or cancel any or all of the Services if:

a. You have any outstanding invoice or account.

b. Your account is in dispute or dispute resolutions procedure, court order, judgement, findings or determination.

c. You fail to comply with any provision in the Agreement or these Terms.

d. There is evidence of fraudulent, illegal, defamatory, offensive activities, or any activity in breach of a third party’s rights.

e. We deem your use of our Services may jeopardize the operation of the service, our suppliers or us.

f. We deem any other reason as satisfactory to protect us, our staff and/or our suppliers.

4.2 If your account is cancelled under this clause:

a. You must pay the cancellation fee within 5 business days.

b. We may immediately delete all data held prior to cancellation.

c. We may perform any action without notice.

d. You release us of any claim arising from suspension, cancellation or termination of any of the Services.


5.1 All quoted prices are in US  dollars and exclude G.S.T., unless otherwise noted. Tax invoices will be sent upon payment.

5.2 You acknowledge and agree that payments will be processed by us or a third party by credit card or debit payments and you provide your credit card or bank account details for this purpose and authorise us to make these payments.

5.3 You acknowledge that 360 SEO Agency may change its pricing structure at any time after the expiry of the Minimum Term period. Any change in the pricing structure will be notified to you 21 days prior to the pricing changes being affected.

5.4 Invoices are due in 7 days from receipt of invoice.

5.5 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to charge 15% interest per month on overdue invoices until payment is received in full.

5.6 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to employ the services of a debt collector in the event that a charge back for Services is received. We reserve the right to recover any cost associated with recovering the debt (including legal and debt collector costs).

5.7 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to employ the services of a debt collector in the event that any Fees remain unpaid 7 days after they were due. We reserve the right to recover any costs associated with recovering this debt (including legal and debt collector costs).

5.8 360 SEO Agency reserves the right to amend pricing in the Agreement if errors have been made.


360 SEO Agency may revise these terms of use for its web site at any time without notice. By using this web site you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Any claim relating to 360 SEO Agency web site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maharashtra without regard to its conflict of law provisions.


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