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Google Adsense in youtube

In the world of YouTubing, the google adsense in youtube is the primary origin of money-making. Notably, in this post, I will explain how to create/add an google adsense in youtube Channel.
There are several ways to earn on YouTube, but AdSense is the most comfortable and simplest one for beginners.

For new YouTubers, it seems like a lengthy process to go. But, it is easy as you think—some of the new YouTubers making mistakes while creating a YouTube AdSense account. So, their account is going delayed to approve or also getting rejected. To avoid all, read the below information.

Requirements before creating an AdSense account

  • You should have a YouTube channel; if not, then create a new YouTube channel.
  • Your age should be above 18 unless you can create content in your parent or guardian name.
  • Follow all the YouTube monetization policies.

The YouTube monetization policies are a group of policies that permit you to monetize on YouTube. If you’re a YouTube partner, your agreement involves the YouTube partner program policies, which requires cooperation with these monetization policies to make money on YouTube possibly.

  • Live in a region where the YouTube Partner Program is accessible.
  • Have more than 4,000 verified public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have a connected AdSense account.

So probably, you have the above things in your hand. Let’s jump into the method of creating an AdSense account.

Step by step guide to Create a google AdSense in YouTube

Go to your YouTube Channel. YouTube Studio: YouTube Studio > Settings > Channel > Status and Features. Click the “Enable” button in the monetization section. Now continue with the following steps here.

Step 1: YouTube Partner Program.

Now get into the “Apply for Monetization” page. Now you have to agree with all the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner program before accepting all the conditions read carefully. That means you sure about what are do’s and don’ts in the YouTube Partner Program. Ultimately, click the “I accept” button. After that, click the “START” button and “Sign up for AdSense” step.

Step 2:Create YouTube AdSense Account

Immediately, you will redirect to your existing AdSense account if you have already created it. Otherwise, select the G-mail account, which is connected to your channel.

AdSense is assured about only one account for a person. If you have two accounts, then one of your accounts will get declined.

So, select the account even if it has connected to any other means such as a blog or other YouTube channels. AdSense will display the separate revenue part for every means you have.

Further, you don’t require to add your channel URL; it will automatically get by AdSense if you arrived from YouTube (if you’ve followed the above steps).

In addition to that, choose your country and accept your customized maintenance and suggestions. Here, the essential one for monetization is country choice. Ultimately, according to the country, the revenue will change.

Like, if your content audience is from a country like the U.S, the CPC, CPM, and CTR would be high. Contrarily, India, Nepal, and other developing countries have low CPM, CPC, and other metrics related to the U.S.

Then read all the terms and conditions carefully and accept it; after that, click the create an account button.

Now you will be automatically redirected to the Payment address information page. Add your address, contact number specifically as it is. Google will transfer your revenue via the payment of the cheque; for that, you have to submit your address information correctly.

Once you add your payment address details, that’s all; you have created your google adsense in youtube channel. Google will analyze your account and send the approval notification in a week.

Step 3: Types of Ads

Now You can set your monetization choices. Monetization is getting revenue from your content. For example, YouTube monetization is like getting income from YouTube Ads. Click on the START button of “Set monetization preferences.” Ads on YouTube provides various types of Ad formats. Ad formats have a separate strategy to grab the audience’s attention. The formats are, Display Ads Overlay Ads Sponsored cards Ads Skippable Video Ads Also, I suggest you should enable all types of ads. It will grow your revenue. You can easily edit these settings at any time you want it.

Review by YouTube

YouTube will review all the steps as soon as you complete these requirements. Click on the “Associated AdSense account” later on Step 2 (AdSense Requested). You will be redirected to the current status of your AdSense account. As soon as AdSense approves it, the status will change to active. While reviewing, the status will show pending. If you need to modify any of your settings, you can change by clicking the change button.
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