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What is Podcast?

Podcasts are audio recordings of episodic content that are typically released on a regular schedule.

They are often produced by independent podcasters and can be found across many platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Podcasts can be interesting and informative, providing an inside look at various topics or simply entertaining listeners with humorous stories.

Nowadays the podcast audience is increased than ever before. Podcasting in India is at the developing stage, despite the truth that the state has a large range of active bloggers.

Most of the modern-day podcasts cater to the non-resident Indian community as podcasting inner India is still at the upward thrust.

Even though America is currently the maximum advanced podcast market, industry specialists are expecting that podcasting boom can be exponential inside the following couple of years in India.

And so podcasts become an economically feasible standalone industry.

“If you want to start your own podcast then this article is for you to enjoy podcasting!!!!  “

Table of contents

What is a podcast?

What is Podcast? 1

A podcast is an audio program, much like a talk radio show, you subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it any time you want.

In detail, a podcast is a series of audio episodes, all created on a selected subject or theme, like biking or startups.

You could subscribe to the show with an app from your smartphone and listen to episodes any time anywhere.

How to create a Podcast?

Podcasts are impeccable to make a genuine connection with your target audience.

Instead of making a fractured connection, that you are making via social media, podcasts will let you have interaction with your audience with unique long-form content material.

Podcasts are handier than blog posts, we can listen to a podcast while doing anything.

There is a lot of unexplored area within the podcasting industry. There are at least six hundred million blogs, 23 million youtube channels, but most effective 800,000 podcasts in apple podcasts.

Step 1: Develop a podcast concept

The podcasts are very different from each other because it’s created by different people.

There are the best podcasts available about anything and everything.

You just need to find your interest and there is no limit for content the only limit is your imagination.

Before doing anything first ask some questions to yourself like what will be the podcast name, format, and duration of the podcast.

In the beginning, you need to ask yourself, “Why I want to start podcasting?” and “What is the main concept or topic of the podcast?”

once you get the solutions to these questions all other things will be going to easy for you.

Identify your podcast goals

So, “Why are you starting a podcast?” to word it another way, “What is your goal or motive on your podcast?”
That will help you get a start, here are a few common goals in podcasting:
  • To generate leads for a commercial enterprise.
  • To be recognized as a professional in an industry.
  • To talk about an important topic.
  • To have fun.
It’s beneficial to note down your answer so that you can refer back to it as you develop your show idea.

Pick a podcast theme or topic

Now it’s time to determine the topic of your show. Your subject matter may be as broad as pop-culture or as focused as discussions of recent supreme court rulings.

The only requirement is to be obsessed with whatever you select. It should be something you’re excited to analyze and regularly speak about.

As soon as you have an idea of a podcast topic or theme, it is time for market research.

You may find your show’s topic in apple podcasts (previously iTunes) to refer to if there are already podcasts in that genre.

If there are, some episodes to look at what they’re doing well and consider ways that they need to be improved.

Name your podcast

When picking a podcast name, try to pick something catchy, memorable, and so that it will rank for your podcast’s relevant keywords and easy to remember.
Use keywords, without stuffing.
If you don’t want to stuff your title with keywords, but you want to make the title easy to recognize and easy for people to find your podcast show.
If you have a one or two-word podcast title, then add a detailed description in the title tag to assist search results.

1. The Joe Rogan Experience by Joe Rogan

Most people searching for this podcast will probably search for Joe Rogan.

So it’s important to add his name in the title so that this will be easy to remember and search for people.

2. Making sense with Sam Harris

Most people searching for this podcast will probably search for Sam Harris.

So it’s important to add his name in the title so that this will be easy to remember and search for people.

Step 2: Choose your podcast format

A few podcasts have a single host, others are scripted stories, or feature detailed interviews.
The important and confusing issue is to pick a format that perfect for what your podcast is all about and is that something you are comfortable with.
In case you love to improve and banter, you need to have a co-host. But if you like having the planned out and scripted, then you would possibly go towards an audio drama.
On the subject of podcast formats, there isn’t always one solution. So, here are some common formats:

Interview podcasts:

Interview podcast only has a single host who going to take interviews of people who are expert in that field. Examples: the Joe Rogan experience, sparkling air, and trained by Nike.

Scripted non-fiction:

Typically, serial podcasts that have only one theme for a full season. Examples: serial, gradual burn, and hardcore records.

News recap:

News recap that summarizes the news within a specific industry. Examples: the signal, pacific review, or the world today.

Academic podcasts:

Scripted non-fiction indicates that concentrate on coaching their target audience. Examples: belongings you have to recognize, hidden mind, and ted radio hour.

Scripted fiction:

These podcasts are similar to radio dramas and are frequently scripted and fantastically produced. Examples: the Magnus records, limestone, and caravan.

Optimal podcast length

Your podcast should be as long as it needs to be, without being too lengthy.
Each podcast can gain from editing, so get comfy cutting out rambling segments, annoying questions, and elements of the episode that do not add value to the listener and don’t forget.

If you’re producing good, attractive content, be confident, people will keep listening.

Podcast publishing schedule

Podcasting may be a full-time process or something you do it as a part-time. If it’s the latter, you can have a new relaxed publishing schedule.

You may decide to post each day just like the daily or post a podcast series every two years like a serial. When you have the bandwidth, we suggest publishing once a week to:develop a connection with your listeners.

In case you publish every day, in the end, your listeners will begin to schedule your podcast into their day. A weekly schedule allows you to build this intense connection with your listeners.

Create a habit for your self. Publishing consistent episodes can keep you podcasting even while you lose your interest in it.

It would be best if you built up the habit so that you can keep growing your show and keep away from pod fade.

As soon as you have got your podcast layout, show length, and publishing schedule, you’re ready to spend money on podcast equipment.

Step 3: Podcast recording equipment and software

If you want to start a podcast, it is straightforward to start the technique with little enjoyment. You may begin recording a podcast with only your Phone and two headphones.

Remember, your content is an essential part. No one listens to a podcast as it has superior sound high-quality.

However, people will put up with less-than-optimal sound quality if the content of your podcast is unique and excellent.

Podcast equipment

Picking the pleasant podcasting setup can get confusing, particularly if you don’t have a background in audio recording.

To make it clean, we prepare three podcast gadget programs based totally on the range of people you’re recording.

Podcast software

If you have recorded your podcast, it’s time to make some edits and adjustments so that you can get the best quality sound.

At the same time as there are options to edit your podcast to your android or iPhone, their small monitors are not that top-quality for sound editing.

The fantastic information is podcast enhancing software is very affordable.

Best podcast recording and editing software


Free – Mac, Windows, & Linux
Audacity is a free and open-source audio editor. Open source editors allow users to make adjustments to the unique code easily.

You may customize your user experience and make improvements where you feel necessary.
Audacity additionally comes with pro-level features, so your podcast software program may not hold you back.

We suppose the best drawback to audacity is its precipitous learning curve, however, tons of videos and on-line tutorials are available to help new customers navigate the platform.


Free – Mac & iOS
GarageBand comes per-installed on most Apple computers. GarageBand is a more automatic and spontaneous interface than audacity.

There are variations for macOS and ios, but, it is not available on Windows or Android phones.

What is the difference between a podcast and an audio file?

An audio file is a medium for storing sound and music. (like : .mp3 .wav .aif .aiff).
A podcast is a series of audio digital media files which is distributed over the internet through websites to smartphones.

What are the different android applications for podcast recording?

Spreaker studio

The studio is a complete podcasting tool. It gives a full virtual studio consumer interface, consisting of editable soundboard capability.

You could broadcast your podcasts live, or record them as stay, with separate volume controls for every channel.

Anchor: Make Your Podcast!

It is not your regular podcast app. Also available on the internet at anchor. Fm, an anchor, gives utterly free web hosting for creators. Vying with speaker studio facility, anchor gives voice message importing, institution chat, tune importing from Spotify, transitions, historical past tasks, and sound effects, in addition to famous recording. Once finished, you could add your podcast to iTunes or Google Play.


A mobile app and hosting package, podbean begins from 95$ a month for 100mb of monthly storage and 100gb of bandwidth.

Bigger packages are available, providing unlimited and unmetered alternatives. Those also include precise stats and the potential to have multiple admins, depending on how a lot you need to spend.

The app itself is straightforward, imparting access to the podbean library of podcasts and dealing with subscriptions.

You’ll discover the file button handiest on your profile display screen or domestic screen, although you’ll want to sign up a good way to use this functionality.


Hosting is a difficulty and also you want to publish your podcasts from a cell tool, AudioBoom lets you document and upload from a smartphone or tablet.

For $10 a month you get up to 5 episodes consistent with month, 10,000 performs, distribution through iTunes (less complicated than placing it up yourself), iHeartRadio, Spotify, google play, and stitcher, and superior analytics.

The loose app, meanwhile, is targeted on listening in place of recording, however, it still offers you the gear you want.

This consists of a jogging counter of how lengthy you have left to your account for the modern month and some simple editing equipment to trim your recording.


If you’re looking for a podcast recording app that offers recording and uploading to free web hosting (with limits) then SoundCloud is ideal.

In addition to giving you the option to browse via as many podcasts, songs, audiobooks and trailers as it has, the SoundCloud app additionally features a powerful recorder device.

Advantages of the podcast in digital marketing?

As this format for content production is growing, a few businessmen have come to be interested in the price that podcasting can add to their business.

Podcasting lets in brands to talk to a target audience. The power to have the podcasting on call for lets in groups and brands to tell their story anywhere at any time.

Podcast plans in different platforms wherein you could create content according to your target audience. So you will head the topics which might be interesting to them.

The duration of the podcast may be decided according to content type generated and interaction with the listener.

Everyday content material presents to maintain people connected with your brand. Link the podcast on your blog or other social channels to increase the reach and participation with your community.

You could use podcasting to enhance an extra engagement on your modern and capability clients, imparting an email deal with associates with the podcast in which humans can reply at once to the content material.

This could also come up with a new idea for the brand new content. Within the series of the episode, you can answer questions or address the feedback you acquired.

Invite professionals, this will bring new content material and increase the target market. Increase your reach to a similar target market to create an episode collection of a topic.

In case you don’t have a budget to get started your podcast, you could collaborate with present podcasts. Consider them to create particular content for the brand.

For example, a cookie agency hires a comedy podcast acknowledged for its audience to talk about funny memories that every member has with the brand.

In this way, listeners expand their relationship with the brand and entertain with humorous tales approximately cookies.

As this format is still recognized, manufacturers are searching for such partnerships.

Therefore, podcast listeners aren’t saturated with brands that searching for to promote their actions.

Hence, listeners provide extra interest to the contents made for companies.

This format tends to have a very thrilling return on investment for corporations inquisitive about advertising online.

Future of podcast?

In 2020, the podcast enterprise is going to develop even faster with a flurry of marketing activity and technological changes, which is amazing news for content material creators and listeners alike.

Most studies have top podcast trends for 2020, so you know a way to survive in this increasing number of competitive areas.

1: More Podcast Platform Competition

For many years, Spotify and apple were only and only inside the podcast industry, vying for the top spot within the marketplace.

The today’s records from the podcast host indicate that 46% of 12-34 year-olds listened to Spotify each month this 12 months, while the simplest 20% of the equal demographic listened to apple music.

Of course, none of these big podcast systems can be lying down in 2020, so at the same time as Spotify seeks to win the hearts of millennials, rival platforms might be pushing out greater audio content and locating new ways to innovate and appeal to large audiences.

Whether you are just listening or you are hosting your podcast, right here are the best platforms to try out :

Hosting platforms:
• podbean
• Buzzsprout
• Transistor
• Simplecast
• Captivate

Audio streaming services:

• iHeart
• Google Podcasts
• Stitcher
• TuneIn

And keep a watch on these important social systems that’ve joined the fray via launching their very own podcasts:

2: Data-Driven User Experiences (UX)

Facts offer marketers the golden touch. Within the podcast enterprise, facts-pushed advertising and marketing is the street to audio gold, as podcast manufacturers can leverage records insights to get a deeper knowledge of their target listeners.

8% of people will concentrate on a whole podcast episode, or most of it, indicating that podcast listeners are very engaged inside the content.

However, in a few genres, there is still tons of room for development.

3: More Podcasting Events and Live Streaming

Live video has established to be noticeably enticing over the last few years, so it’s a logical step for podcasters to broadcast stay indicates.

Through doing a stay podcast, you may maximize the engagement on a medium that already compels fan bases.

With interactive content on the upward thrust, not to say extra advanced generation and techniques, live podcasts will allow hosts and audiences to connect like by no means earlier than.

Whether or not it is through the Q&A section, contests or smart phone-in debates, live podcasts are sure to be large.

4: Better-Quality Podcast Content

That’s right simply 800,000 podcasts. Therefore, the podcast industry is not yet flooded through poor competitors with poor content material.

Online radio and tune streaming services like Spotify are set to ramp up, forcing podcasters to up their recreation.

For lots, the answer is genuinely to produce greater content; however, others will recognize the need for the good content.

Podcast manufacturers have all the gear they need for social listening, target market research, and content material approach.

They remember that high-price listeners need to listen to excessive-value indicates. Some other consideration is the audio first-rate.

Podcast listeners are frequently on the pass, whether or not it’s the morning go back and forth on public transport or at the treadmill on the local gymnasium.

They need impeccable sound quality that offers the best listening experience at anyplace.

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